Monday, 20 May 2013

Lunch At Midhurst Coffee House

What a spectacular Victoria Day weekend in Simcoe County! Most years, the sky is leaden, the air cold and the rain falls endlessly on whatever activity the eager holiday makers are attempting. I always admire the bravery of the die hard campers who brave the iffy weather and clouds of black flies to kick start the all too brief Canadian summer. This year, the May 2 - 4 weekend has been kind to us summer lovers. I'm not brave enough to tackle a camping trip this early in the season, but I did do a safari of the local garden centres to gather the annuals I need for my planters and hanging baskets.

We got some great deals at Canadian Tire on Bayfield St., but we always like to take a peek into the unique little garden centre in Midhurst just before the turn off to Highway 26. I believe it is called the Springwater Fruit Market, but this time of year it is just loaded with unusual plants, very healthy and well priced perennials and super colourful hanging baskets. The Asian couple who run it are very sociable and quite humorous too. It's worth a look inside. Couldn't resist some interesting coleus and for the kitchen, some dill, purple basil and curly parsley.

It was just coming up to noon when we decided we were hungry. Ron knew of a little coffee shop in Midhurst that advertised 'All Day Breakfast' so we made our way back towards Barrie and pulled into the little plaza at 1179 Bayfield St. N., that also houses a Mac's convenience store and several other businesses. As we approached the door of the Midhurst Coffee House, we noticed a little sign that read 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. for the holiday Monday hours. We weren't sure how pleased the owner would be to see such late comers as ourselves, but she was unfazed, in fact she welcomed several other tables of diners in long after we arrived.

Ron had breakfast on his mind long before we set foot on the property. He has this theory about trying new coffee shops and diners. "How hard can it be to screw up breakfast?" he says. So he always has bacon, 2 eggs over easy, whole wheat toast, home fries and coffee. That's a pretty good baseline when you think of it, a perfect measuring stick from which to measure all similar eateries.

I'm a little more of a wild card. I like to mix things up a little and I'm also 90% vegetarian these days. Most mom and pop eateries have 1 vegetarian omelette on the menu and that is what I am mostly likely to order, if presented with a breakfast menu. Today I'm in luck, as the Midhurst Coffee House offers a vegetarian omelette, but also a spinach and swiss cheese and a greek omelette too. I went for the greek omelette and I was not disappointed. It was very, very nice - just the right combination of tomatoes, green peppers, onions and feta. No one ingredient overpowered the other. It came with perfect rye toast and a nice amount of home fries. I was not as crazy about the type of home fries I had, but my husband gave them rave reviews! Apparently he likes them square and crispy and I like them round and softer, and that's what makes the world go round!

Behind the glass of the refrigerated cabinet near the front cash, was a nice selection of what looked like home baking - butter tarts, iced carrot cake and other assorted yummies. I saw some good looking pre-made sandwiches and bagels too, all the makings of a nice picnic to take to Springwater Park for the day!

The restaurant is a nice size, clean, homey, staffed with friendly people and obviously quite popular with local folks and seniors. I heard one "See you tomorrow!" from a group of departing diners. That's certainly a good sign, I would venture. The coffee was good and the refills were constant - who can ask for more than that?

Ron was slightly miffed that there was no debit machine and he had to hike 30 feet to an ATM at Mac's, but that was only a small inconvenience. I'm sure the regulars are fine with paying by cash.

Final verdict? Yes, I would eat there again.

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