Saturday, 15 June 2013

Get Cozy At Wimpy's Diner

Beautiful day for a ball hockey game. Nice temp, blue skies, no rain or snow and no opposing team either. I guess they forgot to show up! Ron and I had promised to take our son out for a burger after his game, and once you have planted the idea of food in the head of this 6 foot 2 inch, 19 year old guy, there's no prying it out again, so we were committed to this post game meal. At least our tall table mate wasn't as hot and stinky as he might otherwise have been.

Where to go? Wimpy's Diner is conveniently located directly across the street from the ball hockey rinks at 441 Dunlop St. W., so that decision was a fairly easy one. The three of us were quickly seated at a corner booth, but could have had our pick of seats since it was mid afternoon, a typically quiet time in most restaurants. Ron realised he had forgotten his glasses, but I assured him that he could likely guess most of the menu. A diner is a diner, and we have been to Wimpy's on Yonge St. in Barrie more than once, so you name it and they probably serve it.

I should have made a small monetary wager on the athlete's entree selection, as he always chooses the same thing - the sandal. It's more proper name is the 10 oz. burger and it's big! The patty is oblong (sort of like a flip flop) in shape and hangs out of both sides of the normal sized hamburger bun. Our son always downs it with fries, a coke and pretty much an entire bottle of ketchup, and there's never a bite left. He tells me that it was exactly like the same ones served at the Yonge St. location, which is as it should be given that this is a chain restaurant. There really should be no surprises.

Ron elected to try the philly cheese steak sandwich. When it arrived, he whispered to me "What's that sauce on top of it?" I informed the visually challenged one that it was melted cheese, since he was having a philly cheese steak after all. Our son just stared open mouthed. Laugh now, young one - your eye sight will let you down some day too! Ron had a neutral opinion of his meal in the end. It was exactly as represented in the menu, but it was nothing special. No complaints (other than he likes his onions and peppers chopped just a wee bit smaller) but no rave reviews either.

As for me, I had the 2 piece haddock and chips. I should have gone for the 1 piece, but I didn't so I was a little overstuffed after that. No complaints from me either. The fish batter was nice and crispy, fries were super hot and the cole slaw was just nice.

The decor was as expected too, the usual collection of mostly faux antique signs, retro motifs and lots of Marilyn and Elvis. The diner was very clean and it almost looked like it might have undergone a bit of a face lift in the recent past. Were those blue tiles on the walls new? The server girls seemed slightly bored or uninspired, but their service was flawless and they were friendly enough.

If you're in the vicinity of a Wimpy's Diner, and in the mood for good old fashioned regular food, reminiscent of what they used to call family restaurants, take a wander in and get comfy in a cozy booth. Great for kids and I would imagine perfect for seniors, especially some of the ones I know who like to stick to foods that they know and not venture too far outside of their culinary comfort zone. I happen to know they make a wicked breakfast too!

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